Vanessa Mihalick on Sept. 25th, 2018


I would highly recommend Perry Stafford at A Fresh Look. His service and professionalism exceeds expectations!

Being a first time homebuyer can be very stressful. Perry takes away the inspection stress! After his inspection, he took the time to walk me through every part of the house, explaining how the current status is, answering my many questions and providing any tips he has. He even offers tips on home maintenance to keep everything in the best shape possible. The Home Inspection Report he provides after his inspection is amazing. It is easy to read, explains everything and offers tips too! I will be referring to this report for many years to come in my new house.

Perry went above and beyond to exceed my expectations. I will be recommending him to everyone I know buying a house and plan to use him in the future.

Russell Spencer on Feb. 20th 2018


Returned our call within an hour, made an appointment that worked with our schedule(we live 3 hours away and wanted to be there). Not only did he get into every nook and cranny, he explained to me(first time home buyer) what was going on with everything. His report was even better, it showed us what was needed to be addressed immediately and preventative maintenance to keep things in a working order. I Would Recommend calling him first for home inspections.

Thanks again!

Julia Molnar Smith on Sept. 29th, 2018


We just had a home inspected in Roscommon MI. I couldn’t make it it,but my husband said Perry was excellent!! I received an emailed report the same day of the inspection that was completely thorough. It not only touched on issues that needed fairly quick attention, he gave us a lot of preventative measures we could do to stop anything from getting worse. I would highly recommend A Fresh Look!! Thank you!!


Nancy Caillier on Oct. 16th, 2017

 Perry is awesome. He called right back and is honest and explained things about an issue I thought I might of had. I called others and they couldn't answer my questions and it was so frustrating. He gave me great information and that really put my fears to rest. Thank you again for having such a great service. 

Bonnie Kleinow on Aug. 26th, 2018

 FIVE STARS: Perry just inspected a property for us in Prudenville. What a great experience working with him! He took his time and did a very thorough job. After his work was complete he spent time explaining what he saw and what he didn’t see during his inspection. He even took time to answer questions on small repair recommendations from the previous owners purchase in 2009. We never felt rushed and he made sure we were comfortable and understood what he shared. We would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with Perry again! He would be the first one we would call for a home inspection. Thank you so much for putting us at ease and making this phase of the purchase process a breeze! 

Josh Caverson on Dec. 8th, 2017

 We called around and spoke with quite a few home inspectors, but Perry was the one that stood out above the rest. He didn't come off as eager to just get money from us and was very personable. His rates, for everything he was offering, were great and even his website was very informative and professional, so we knew we made the right choice. When he got to the house, Perry's professionalism continued. He covered a lot inside, outside, on top and under the house for us. Extremely thorough and he took the time to talk about what was found and his thoughts on them. The entire time, we never felt like we were bothering him with questions we had, he gladly addressed everything. We got our report back very quickly and even it is done in an easy to read, informative manner. We will definitely go through him again for any inspections we need done, he really knows his stuff! 

Katie Becksford Pikkarainen on Oct. 9th, 2017

 I would definitely recommend Perry to complete your home inspection. He was very thorough and included everything and more than I would have expected in the report. His report completion turn around was quick! 

Brenda Beauchamp Ensing on Sept. 8th, 2017

 Knowledgeable, check ... Informative, check ... Fast, check ... Every quality you expect in an inspector, Perry has them! I left a message in the morning and was contacted the same day to set up the appointment. Perry showed up on time and ready to dive into the tiny, dirty, cobwebby crawl space. What I thought was going to be a huge problem can be fixed with a couple simple tweaks. Thank you Perry for your expertise. 

Christine Kinsman on Aug. 12th 2017

 What a great experience my home inspection was with Perry! So friendly, thorough and attention to the ever so important details. The level of information and depth in the report along with pictures is amazing. I am so pleased with the report and the level of service A Fresh Look (Perry) has provided to me. I am a very happy camper - AWESOME! Thanks, Perry! 

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Billy Zydowicz on April 10th, 2017

Perry was awesome to work with. Very informative. I would recommend him to anyone.